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Learn to Slide

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Are you curious about luge, skeleton, or bobsleigh? At the Whistler Sliding Centre, everyone can learn to slide and train toward their goals — no experience required.

Sports programs for all skill levels in bobsleigh, skeleton, and luge are available, including introductory sessions for beginners, multi-day progression camps and full-season training programs. Qualified and passionate coaches look after everyone, from first-timers to experienced athletes. On-ice training is available from October to late March, and off-season strength & conditioning sessions are offered through spring, summer, and fall.

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Where to Start

For luge and skeleton, the ideal first step into sliding is signing up for an introductory "Discover" session. No experience is required for these one-time sessions that give a first taste of the sports. Participants meet the coaches, learn about the sport, equipment, and learn to slide programming, and even get to slide down a small portion of the track. For bobsleigh, please get in touch with our team (see phone/email below) to explore options on how to join our bobsleigh program.

  • Discover Luge: Kids ages 8-14 ($25+). Learn More
  • Discover Skeleton: Youth 14 years & up ($55+). Learn More

For any questions, contact us by phone at 604-964-0044 or by email.

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Luge Sport Programs

For Participants 8+ years, No Experience Required

Luge programs include introductory one-time "Discover" sessions, the Seasonal Novice Luge Program with up to three training sessions/week, as well as a year-round Development Luge Program for advanced athletes, including summer training. At this point, no on-ice luge programming is available for adults.

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Skeleton Sport Programs

For Participants 14+ years, No Experience Required

Skeleton programs include introductory one-time "Discover" sessions for participants to try the sport for the first time and multi-day Skeleton Foundation Schools and Skeleton Progression Camps for athletes of all levels and training goals, up to high-performance racing.

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Bobsleigh Sport Programs

For Participants 13+/16+ years, No Experience Required

Bobsleigh programs include multi-day Bobsleigh Foundation Schools as well as our Bobsleigh Pilot Development Program for athletes of all levels and training goals, up to high-performance racing. There are also opportunities to get involved as a brakeman/woman.

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