Slide All Season (and help our athletes own the podium)

Bobsleigh Brakemen/Brakewomen


Often the first step in joining the sport of bobsleigh, becoming a brakeman / brakewoman helps participants learn about the sport of bobsleigh in a hands-on capacity. This important role assists aspiring athletes on their journey to the podium.

Outside of pushing the sled and pulling the brakes at the end of the run, you will learn how to set up and maintain the sled as well as other aspects of the sport often not seen by the general public. It is a great way to get introduced to the sport and the responsibilities involved in running your own sled before moving on to become a pilot or progressing up the crew path.

Event space outside overlooking the mountains at dusk

General Information

It is easy and affordable to become a brakeman / brakewoman. Participants pay only $50 for the annual B.C. Bobsleigh and Skeleton Association membership and can slide all season.

Sliding training usually happens three to five times a week between November and March, brakemen / brakewomen can join the sessions on as many days as they wish. Some physical requirements apply. COVID-19 protocols are in place at the Whistler Sliding Centre to protect participants.

To become a brakeman / brakewoman, or if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us by phone at 604-964-0044 or by email.