Man Reading Interpretive Map

Self-Guided Interpretive Tour

Learn about the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, the athletes and their stories on a self-guided interpretive tour of the Whistler Sliding Centre site. Pick up a map from the sign at the entrace to the venue to find out where you can stand on the Olympic podium, take a photo in an Olympic sled, and walk down Thunderbird Corner to the finish dock. Please be aware that areas around the track can be steep and slippery, appropriate foot wear is advised.

Cost: Free

Group Tours

If you have a Group Tour of 10 people or more and are interested in a tour or group presentation, please contact our sales team.

If you are a small group and would like a guided tour please see our local tour operators Whister Eco Tours and Whistler Connection Tour & Travel Specialists who will be offering guided tours of the venue.

Be Bear Aware

At the Whistler Sliding Centre we are privileged to share the venue with all kinds of wildlife, including bears. Please see our bear aware and safety page on being bear smart.  


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